voting during covid-19: Primary Runoff Guide for Comal County Voters


  • VOTE EARLY!  Primary Runoff begins June 29 – July 10 (polls closed July 3rd & 4th).
    Election Day is July 14th.
  • Click on THIS LINK for locations, dates & times for Early Voting and Election Day
  • YES! You can Curbside Vote. If you do not feel safe going inside a polling location to vote, you can drive to any Comal County polling location, park where noted for Curbside voting, and call the Curbside voting number. You CANNOT be turned away for any reason to exercise your right to vote!
  • Remember:  As a registered voter in Comal County, you can vote at any polling location in Comal County.
  • Health and safety of Election Workers and Voters
    • For each polling location, the Elections office has installed plexi-glass shields on the qualifying/check in table as an additional barrier
    • Poll Pads will be sanitized after each voter is qualified
    • ALL polling sites will have social distancing floor markers
    • No more than 5 voters in the actual voting area at any time
    • Voters will be provided with hand sanitizer + instruments for no-contact voting, such as finger cots and/or disposable stylus to sign in and to use on voting machine to cast your vote. 
    • Hygiene specialists hired for purposes of sanitizing voting equipment, will do so after each voter has cast their ballot in order to prepare the equipment for the next voter. 
    • Please be patient!  Comal County Democrats only have 2 races to decide on: Senate and Railroad Commissioner.  Please try to make your candidate choice BEFORE you go to a polling place.  You’ll be in and out in no time.

Let’s make this a successful and SAFE voting experience for everyone.  We’ll see what happens next (SCOTUS case) for November’s General Election. Stay tuned!

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