voting during covid-19: Primary Runoff Guide for Comal County Voters


  • VOTE EARLY!  Primary Runoff begins June 29 – July 10 (polls closed July 3rd & 4th).
    Election Day is July 14th.
  • Click on THIS LINK for locations, dates & times for Early Voting and Election Day
  • Remember:  As a registered voter in Comal County, you can vote at any polling location in Comal County.
  • Health and safety of Election Workers and Voters
    • For each polling location, the Elections office has installed plexi-glass shields on the qualifying/check in table as an additional barrier
    • Poll Pads will be sanitized after each voter is qualified
    • ALL polling sites will have social distancing floor markers
    • No more than 5 voters in the actual voting area at any time
    • Voters will be provided with hand sanitizer + instruments for no-contact voting, such as finger cots and/or disposable stylus to sign in and to use on voting machine to cast your vote. 
    • Hygiene specialists hired for purposes of sanitizing voting equipment, will do so after each voter has cast their ballot in order to prepare the equipment for the next voter. 
    • Please be patient!  Comal County Democrats only have 2 races to decide on: Senate and Railroad Commissioner.  Please try to make your candidate choice BEFORE you go to a polling place.  You’ll be in and out in no time.

Let’s make this a successful and SAFE voting experience for everyone.  We’ll see what happens next (SCOTUS case) for November’s General Election. Stay tuned!

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