Get Involved

Get involved with the Texas Democrats in Comal County

There are many ways to get involved with the Comal County Democrats – even during a pandemic!

We’ve learned to retool and re-invent activism and engagement. From phone-banking and texting, to organizing neighborhood virtual meet-ups, and helping organize postcard writing parties and fundraising events.

Volunteer your time and talent as a virtual host! This type of event is an excellent opportunity to get involved with the Comal County Democrats, get to know your fellow democrats as well as introducing friends and neighbors to the Democratic Party.



Hold a VIRTUAL House Party. Hosting a house party is one of the most effective ways for those interested in helping to raise funds and awareness for the Comal County Democratic Party.  Contact us now and we’ll show you how!

Comal County Democrats get involved as a virtual host


A successful house party usually consists of no more than 20 people and lasts for a couple of hours. These events create a warm, inviting and intimate atmosphere conducive to learning and discussing current topics in a relaxed way.

Are you a sociable individual who wants to put your special talents (and skills) to work to help create awareness, enlist volunteers and  raise funds to support candidates in our area? 

We’d love to hear from you.  Please contact us by sending us information on the form below, or call us today at 830-620-5739.


We’re Democrats and we care about each other and the future of our country. 



  • Help register voters
  • Call your neighbors
  • Coordinate and enlist speakers
  • Text surveys
  • Assist with mail-out programs
  • “Plant” yard signs
  • Postcard parties
  • No-contact doorhanger lit drops
  • Put together Voter Education materials/packets

Comal County Democrats get involved and volunteer time



There are many ways to get involved with the Comal County Democratic Party…one of the most needed and valuable ways is to volunteer your time and talents.

Send us a message on the form below, or give us a call today at 830-620-5739 and help us to stand up, show up, and speak out. 

Democrats get involved in Comal County


Asking for money is never a comfortable conversation to have but is absolutely essential to the survival of our organization.

The Comal County Democratic Party strives to make every dollar count, and we are completely transparent in our spending.

In order to achieve the goal of turning Comal County and Texas blue, we need funds to help to continue attracting and supporting candidates. and to help them win.

We humbly ask those who may have limited time to please help us to continue our mission by making a donation (small or large), and as often as is possible.

We’ve been people-powered since 1790, and we want to continue this strong American tradition.